Manufactured in Hawaii.

For all of Hawaii.

Your local source for all your packaging needs.


Our focus and support of your business includes:

  • Experience gained over the last 50 years in the Hawaii packaging industry

  • Food safety compliant, certified by third-party auditors

  • Local service from our friendly and professional team

  • Excellence, short lead time with on-island manufacturing

  • Total customer satisfaction, customized packaging for your specific packaging and shipping needs

  • Environmentally friendly facility, sustainable product lines with efficient high-tech operations


A step-by-step process

Rengo is Hawaii’s premier packaging source for all your packaging needs, from farmers to small businesses to international corporations.

Expert support

We offer comprehensive support for all the packaging needs of our customers.

As a very important customer and business partner, we are also able to support your ongoing business success with a variety of innovative and creative services. These services may include:


Product Samples

As needed, we utilize Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to provide product samples to confirm our packaging meets your needs.


Mechanical Packaging Systems

We have extensive experience with many types of machinery and equipment to automate your box-forming and packing line.


Structural Design Engineering

Take advantage of our highly experienced Design Engineer to generate creative ways to package your product for maximum protection and sales growth.


Logistics Services

Our expert customer service team is equipped with over fifty years of experience. We will optimize your pallet configuration and assist with your logistics.

With the completion of the new plant — which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment — quality will be improved and the lead time from order to delivery will be greatly reduced, enabling the provision of detailed services that are better aligned to customers’ needs.
— RISI Technology Channels